The marketing industry is changing… so quickly that most organisations are having difficulty keeping up…. Companies everywhere are looking to hire marketers… with modern skills.” It makes sense when you check out these stats:

  • The completion rates of mobile video advertisements totally dominate any other video advertisements’ rates.
  • 20-minute+ mobile videos have an average completion rate of 92%!
  • 75% of Facebook’s video views are from mobile devices!

The truth is, no matter how superb your content is, you’ll still never reach the majority of consumers if your business isn’t on the band wagon of the mobile world. But if you’ve got marketers with “technology (websites, mobile, applications, etc.) and have design skills combined with some business intuition and an empathy for the user/customer, you are golden.

The current and future success of marketing is increasingly requiring expertise in the technology and research and development fields. It’s no longer simply about providing stellar, captivating content – but being able to deliver that content via the hottest, upcoming device and/or app.

It’s my job to keep up-to-date on the hottest devices, and can write great content for your business and deliver it on the next trending platform. I can also create great mobile responsive websites to ensure your business is always ahead of the curve. Get in touch to learn more!