As a savvy small business owner, I am sure that you are familiar with how influential Google is regarding search. Their algorithm updates can make you or break you, and you probably have done a pretty good job staying on their good side. However, there is a new, rogue update out there that has thrown even the most established companies for a loop. It is called Mobilegeddon, and popular websites like Reddit and NBCSports have been hit hard by this update, an update that has cost them a substantial amount of traffic via mobile search. This article’s chief aim is to give you help your online marketing strategy through useful and practical information.

How Can I Protect My Traffic?

Do a quick search for the words “Mobile-Friendly Test Tool” and you should come across Google’s official tool that will tell you how your website looks and feels on mobile. Just enter the URL of your website (or websites) on this application, and Google will tell you if you are mobile-friendly and what you can do to improve. The changes might be easy, such as moving hyperlinks away from each other, or just enlarging some text. On the other hand, you might have a more fundamental problem with your website. It may not be responsive and your coding might need work. What is a responsive site? It looks great on desktop, tablets, and mobile.

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