If you’re looking to take your PT business to the next level of growth and profitability, consider increasing your social media presence. Developing a wide range of followers will make your business flourish. However, building a strong social media platform can get rather complicated. There are certain marketing strategies that fitness professionals should keep in mind. When growing your PT business online, use social media to help you become the expert and build relationships. Rather than trying to sell your services on your Facebook page, use it to become the go-to person and the center of information. When you become an expert among your peers and friend group, your reputation will spread.

To maintain your social media presence, post a tip of the day, everyday. Research has shown that people share materials online as a way of selective self-representing, so write it in such a way that will enable readers to “show-off” by sharing it. These tips of the day will help you build your page as well as relationships. Along with tips, post different types of content throughout the day so your content stays fresh on the feed. Post materials that your readers will gain something from, whether it’s public attention, the belief that they are helping others, or social credibility. With each post, include a call to action. End each one asking your reader to do something. This is as simple as asking them to write “Lets do it!”. Getting comments increases your page ranking so more people will see it. Once your posts catch on, your audience will grow, gaining new clients.

People follow fitness professionals on Instagram for motivation and to learn new workout routines. Posting before and after pictures of your clients will intrigue your followers and get them to your website. Use a few, select keywords for your hashtags so people will find you. Connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts to immediately reach more people.

When you give your readers quality information and the proper motivation they are looking for, they will want to share it. This will grow your following and keep people coming back to your page, ultimately growing your client-base.

If you are looking for a professional to manage your social media presence, please contact us and let our trusted experts help you.