There are some really awesome personal trainer websites out there, and there are some really awful ones… Which is such a shame as most of the time it’s your first chance at impressing a potential new client, and not that hard to do well!

I’ve gathered together a list of 5 really great features that I think all Personal Trainer websites should have!

1) Mobile friendly

Having a mobile friendly (AKA fully responsive) website is no longer an option. It’s a must have. People are getting busier and busier these days and are simply not patient enough to bother fiddling around, squinting at your tiny website on their mobile.

Coupled with the fact that Google is known to favour mobile friendly websites in mobile search results, it’s not worth it to go without.

2) Great content

Now by great content, I don’t mean pages and pages and pages of blog posts and Facebook updates. If you have the time to publish regular, useful and insightful content for your readers, please go ahead and type until your hearts content.
If you’re like most of us and barely have time to sneeze, do as much as you can but do it well.

There’s not a lot that makes me lose trust in a business that can’t be arsed writing a little bit about exactly what it is they do. What sets them apart. Gaining a conversion online is a little like dating, most people want to get to know you a little before asking for your number. Make it easy for them!

3) Social proof

This one ties in pretty well to the point above. Social Proof is important to online users today, even if they don’t fully realise it.
Now Social Proof can be as simple as clear links to your social profiles, or it can mean being a little more obvious and stating the size of your following and/or how popular your content is. Take note though, I’d only recommend the more obvious method unless you really have something to show for it. Nothing says ‘Awkward…’ like “Check out my 2 fans on Facebook!”

The most savvy online users will definitely do a little digging and check out your various social media channels. I’ll touch on what makes these tick in a later post but the main thing here to remember is again, to make it easy.
Sticking with the dating analogy, you want your date to think you have friends right? Here’s when you say “See, here’s proof!”

4) Up-to-date timetable (or at least availability)

Nothing is more frustrating then turning up for a bootcamp at 5:30am to find it’s moved location. Do you think that person’s going to go out of their way to track you down again? Yeah… No…

Now this point varies a little depending on the types of PT you offer, from one-on-one appointments, to group fitness bootcamps.
It still stands though. Keep your timetable and locations ect up-to-date.

5) Contact Details

It seems silly putting this here but you’ll be surprised how many Personal Trainer websites I visited and found they all had it wrong.

There are three main things to remember here;

  • Make them easy to find
  • Have a few options
  • Make sure they actually work!!

Well, that’s it for this post, thanks for reading 🙂
If you have any questions at all or if you’re a Personal Trainer in need of a website, please fill out the form below!

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